"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

The Answer Is Quite Straightforward

बाढ़ पीड़ित

The only question on everyone’s lips is the biggest natural disaster of the century, two million people affected, 70 million children world hunger and illness and yet not Pasieza heart?

International community in Haiti last year’s earthquake affected people for every 495 dollars per person on average were given. Pakistani flood affected people of the same community, yet the average three dollars per person is promised.

Responses will harden the heart to hear the answer is simple – Shuffle.

International community that the 2005 earthquake which had happened to you?

Why not ask those with whom solidarity with Muslim countries are not tired of singing Taranae? Birader his brother and neighbors Iran and China bag not spread further?

Pakistan People

Our television screens until we look at the raw age, body mass ones will not, just like we continue to expect good from God bending head. After one month’s Brktoan. To gentle season, the booking has been Haj, after all this is over The world may still Zmealoan Why?

This article

And people here in Pakistan and head shake that feeling that what if people came to look us in 2005 when we Relief Balakot in the hills were filled with scrap.

Expert explains the many reasons. Country’s image in the world has become so bad that he named Pakistan as the international community says listening to what we call professional beggars – ie, now did you come back.

Those who relish in the country in 2005 had helped in the past five years, inflation thus Pise mill that are not in a position to give something.

Pakistan’s middle class left the rest of his Katorpan view can be seen in daily newspapers. If some of them in 2005, it had melted the hearts of people because most of them in childhood summer vacations in the beautiful valleys were doing this or at least films were watched her scene.

Often domestic servant for the rich also come from those areas. Whether these people like animals to keep their drivers and cooks work like animals and Take, but when the servants of the house and family were destroyed in the heart of compassion arose.

2005 Bmukablah 2010 Earthquake Flood

राहत कार्य

The international community has pledged to help the three dollars per person

Earthquake and flood of 2010 in the year 2005, a basic difference is that the more than 75 thousand people were killed and large number of them had children.

The media howl of children buried under the rubble of schools – call delivered to the people. Muzzy with pink cheeks showed pictures of dead children. Little – Manne loose sheet showed the people of your pocket.

Now on the Futpthoan, you Nangh camps – Dhrang kids are watching to see what they think of recent wear this blue Yunifaerm a private school will sing Jack and Jill? Buffalo do not think it even before they were instant with goats and litter at the moment would pile of garbage.

The difference between 2005 and 2010 is that most children have survived. Or they say that still remain, but for how long? I do not know …. The children are watching on the TV screen which Maakiaan buzzing on the face, the tears – crying is asleep, it wakes up again later and asks for bread ….?

But this child is still alive because they can harm us, even before the floods were much ask for bread, what harm he did us?

The thousands of children do not die as long as hunger and disease, as long as we age our TV screens on the raw mass of those bodies will not look just like we continue to expect good from God bending head.

After one month Brktoan. To gentle season, the booking has been Haj, after all this is over The world may still Zmealoan Why?


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