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Who is behind Commonwealth Games Bridge Collapse?

Who is behind Commonwealth Games Bridge Collapse?

PKKH Breaking News Exclusive
Dan Qayyum, with additional reporting from Shama Chopra in New Delhi

DELHI – In a sensational twist to the ongoing and unrelenting embarassment that is the Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG), Indian External Affairs minister SM Krishna has alleged that Pakistani ’state-actors’ and ‘hired guns’ are behind the latest calamity to hit the games – the collapse of an under-construction foot overbridge near Jawaharlal Nehru stadium here on Tuesday afternoon.

His comments were backed up by the Secretary General of the four member CWG committee Dr. Lalit K. Bhannot, who is responsible for the technical aspects of conducting the Games and coordinating activities of the sub-committees.

‘We have been informed in recent days by the local government’s security apparatus as well as the IB (Intelligence Bureau) that there is a growing interest from Pakistani Jihadis in getting these games cancelled. We also know the ISI is assisting them just how they masterminded the 2008 Mumbai attacks ‘, said Bhannot.

‘We have sent the cement samples used in the construction of this foot-bridge to the labs to determine what kind of explosive devices may have been mixed with the powdered cement’, Bhannot added.

Atleast 24 people are believed to be injured in the footbridge collapse.

The steel walkway was being built to link the car park with the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.

It is the latest setback to an event which has been plagued by construction delays, allegations of corruption and mismanagement, and a dengue fever outbreak in the Indian capital – all of which, says SM Krishna, has been orchestrated by Pakistan’s notorious military intelligence agency, the ‘Inter-Services Intelligence’ (ISI).

Mr Suresh Kalmadi, the Chairman of the CWG Committee who is the executive head and chief administrator for the event, also confirmed the same while speaking to a local news channel.

‘England, Canada, Ireland etc complained about the state of the Games Village. Let me tell you now, we have done extensive investigation into this matter and have arrested 2 Pakistani nationals from the site who had littered the players residential units with graffiti, scrawling ‘Jiye Muttahida’ on the walls. Both were found to be carrying Lashkar-e-Tayba ID cards complete with serial numbers, barcodes and advanced data chips. They also left the toilets unflushed and it was obviously embarassing when the forward committees of these nations visited to inspect yesterday. Rest assured we have everything in control and will be DNA testing the samples collected from the toilet bowls, which will confirm Pakistani involvement in this great Indian embarassment’, said Kalmadi while speaking to NDTV.

Kalmadi had been referring to the demand by the CWG Federation to take immediate steps to improve conditions at the athlete’s village in Delhi.

Team delegates described the accommodation as filthy, unhygienic and unfit for human habitation.

Meanwhile Pakistan’s Interior Minister, when asked for comments, confirmed that he has ordered an investigation on his side.

‘Our sympathies are with our Indian brethren. We assure them of our full support. No one likes to come face to face with an unflushed toilet. It is disgraceful behaviour and I have requested India to send us the samples collected from the toilet bowls. I will compare them with what we have, I’m sure the Taliban are behind it. I have ordered an immediate investigation’, Malik said.

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