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Issue is bigger than a Temple

It is a matter of great concern that we are still debating that Ram Mandir should be made on allocated land only or total land or with Muslim Help or without Muslim help or ……….. .
The main concern is not only temple but the mind set of the mass Hindu has to be change as pseudo secular people have already done more damage to the cause than Muslims. We should not project anything which goes against the national ethos but focus should not be only confined to make the temple but to make Muslim believe that yes this place belong to them and there must be a grand temple.

The efforts should be made to make Muslim agree for the grand temple amicably. It sure that we can not ignore them as they have grown above critical mass and now are penetrating streamline gradually. It is there very old strategy which our fore fathers failed to understand and our coming generation has to accommodate. It is not going to end in the favor of Hindu.

Its time to stop hating them further and bring them in a manner that they also become pseudo Hindu and adopt the family planning at least otherwise you may understand what will happen after 50 -100 year down line. Hindu will be forced to compromise on so many things. One example is Kashmir.

The issue much much bigger than mere temple.

We should combine to raise the issue and bring the gravity of situation to the masses for preparation of a new regime and facilitate to the authority for new policy of co-existence.

By: R Tripathi
Posted on yahoo group.


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    July 4, 2011 at 3:09 PM

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