"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

Late Night Mumbai Darshan!

29th October,

Time 2.33.00 AM, Malad.
Just bored with work and left office around 2:25 AM Saturday morning! when we reached parking area then Dipank told us why not we are going for a long drive? Actually he already planned to go to the Pune because he is going to home to celebrate DIPAWALI with family. And his flight was from Pune so he want to spend weekend with some “PUNDU” friends (Pune dude are called “PUNDU”) Rajat was already in Pune. After few arguments we left for Nariman Point via Sea Link. We were four guys including me others are Dipank, Abhijeet and Anil. Every thing was fine till Khar but after Khar we took wrong n wrong n wrong turn and accidentally reached CARTER ROAD (around 3:10 AM), when trying to find the correct path for Bandra – Worli sea link. Few guys and some cute girls was waiting for us.

Time 3.05.00 AM, Carter road.
Smokers and little hot coffee give us freshness and we spent half an hour in carter road. after that we are again trying to find the right path for Bandra – Worli Sea Link. After few attempts we reached Sea link safely.

Time 3.50.00 AM, Bandra – Worli Sea Link.
We stopped our car in a safe place on Bandra – Worli Sea Link, again smokers comes and gave freshness, I insisted all to go to my room (not for stay but only for take a look) but every one refused. Now we are going Nariman Point.

Time 4.20.00 AM, Nariman Point.
We are sitting in front of TRIDENT HOTEL (Mumbai terror attack survivor) spend around an hour. suddenly we saw that a drunken guy come out from car, played loud music and started dancing with a girl (She was with her). We enjoyed very much also feeling tired and now its a time for walkers also SUN is trying to knock the door of east, so we leave point. I took some snaps and I think it ‘s really good (maybe you will not like but unfortunately we didn’t have time to pick Camera).

We left Nariman Point around 5.10 AM. Its to late huhhh sorry to early. Abhijeet drops every one on there room and I again reach Dipanks room. Mumbai is looking good only in night, and in day it is only looking like bullshit, We were tired so sleep early. But we enjoyed lot did “BC” and returned back to room.

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