"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

India Needs To Share Its Wealth With Its People

India Needs To Share Its Wealth With Its People

… And not with Israel Aerospace Industries, Rosoboronexport, And Boeing

India misleads the world by claiming its space program is for commercial purposes. This is a first-rate military program that wastes resources, heightens tensions in the region and fulfils Indian elites’ aggressive designs toward Pakistan and China.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—India’s lopsided priorities were on display again on Sunday when a satellite test launch went bad blowing a rocket and a satellite up in the air costing millions of dollars.

India refuses to share its wealth with its poor. The country has the world’s largest concentration of poor people in the world and the worst healthcare problems anywhere.

The Indian ruling elite is more interested in buying weapons systems from Russia, Israel and the United States for billions of dollars when this money could go to providing better housing, healthcare and social services to millions in teeming shanty towns in India’s major cities.

Unfortunately, the United States is feeding Indian ego by telling Indians they have a role in countering China and deciding world politics. Part of American reasons for this is to sell US hardware to India.

The unmanned Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) blew up live on television Saturday less than one minute after launch, at the start of a mission to put a communications satellite into orbit.

India says it is using this space program to enter the global satellite launching market. But that is half truth.

India is more interested in the military applications of this program.

In 2008, it launched an Israeli spy satellite, a bad move considering it would heighten tensions in the region and spur an arms race. India introduced Israeli armed units in a limited skirmish with Pakistan over disputed Kashmir in 1999.

India rationalizes wasting its money on weapons and space programs by claiming better standards of living in today’s India. Indian officials probed by western humanitarian groups often refer to the 8% growth rate in 2010. But India depends on averaging to measure the country’s wealth, ignoring a key fact: India is also home to one of the largest gaps between rich and poor in the world.

Extremist Hindus and corrupt politicians often silence their critics by raising the specter of pride and patriotism in these military purchases and space programs. This is why Indian rights activists and intellectuals are unable to raise their voices to demand that India share its wealth with its own people before sharing it with western weapons and technology sellers.

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