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Complaint on Not Receiving Gold Debit Card

Please find the service of Axis Bank in order to provide Debit Card services.Its really irritating and painful………

Dear Sir,

Below is the mail which i have sent on debi.card@axisbank.com yesterday only but didnt get any response till yet.

I have my salary account in you bank of Malad Branch.On 6th Jan , i have given a application form for a new Gold Debit Card for which i got response after 7 days from one of Lady Officer of your bank that card has been dispatched at your address.

Now from last 4 to 5 days i am running to the bank for asking feedback for the same but not getting even 1% satisfaction.

Yesterday one guy whose name might be Rajsharan or something has told me to again fill up a new form for the same.Now please tell me is that proper response you people should give????.

After that he(A) told me to ask to lady which used to sit on Manager Operation place.There she(B- Manager Operation) again send me with some other person(C) on the upstage where that person has given me one barcode number and told me to again go to person (A) and get it checked.

Then person has told me that i get it checked on phone.After a long discussion on phone he told that your bar code doesnt exist and again told me to go at Manager Operation.

“When i have gone there then some told me that she has gone on lunch …please wait”

So finally let me know if i am going to have my debit card without wasting of some more days.

Raj Yadav

– Below message is already sent to debit.card@axisbank.com –

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Raj (Rajkumar Pannalal Yadav) and my Account N0. is XXXXXXXXXXX4969 which is activated in Malad(Branch).

Before one week i.e on 6th Jan,2011 i have applied for Gold Debit Card by submitting form and understanding all the clauses.

Now its more than 10 days happened and i have done three to four times of running in the bank but didn’t receive any proper response yet.

One person has taken out Bar code and sent me to other person who called on some number and then tell me to wait for the Mam which used to seat at Manage Operation.

People used to go on lunch by telling me to seat for long time.

I would really appreciate if someone will help me out in getting my Debit Card as i am facing lot of problems.

So please act on it immediately basis before my complaints reach to some high authority.

Raj Yadav


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