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A US Magazine Reports On How Criticizing CIA Led To Shutting Down A Pakistani Website

Web Host Go Daddy Shuts Down Pakistani Website Over CIA Outing

A screen shot of the Google cache of a Pakistanian website, which has since been taken down

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Web hosting provider Go Daddy (www.godaddy.com) ordered the removal of a controversial article that included the name of a former CIA agent in Pakistan.

In the first week of January, Go Daddy presented PakNationalists with an ultimatum, threatening the webmasters that they "either remove the content" or they would move their website to another Web host in 48 hours.

Go Daddy warned the Pakistani website in an email that the "decision [to
remove the content] is final, and is not up for debate."

The article discussed the potential court case against former CIA Islamabad station chief Jonathan Banks, who was accused of being behind the allegedly illegal drone attacks on areas of Pakistan.

The article was removed on January 5th but can still be viewed courtesy of the Google cache.

Since Banks was allegedly in Pakistan on a business visa he does not have diplomatic immunity from prosecution. The CIA reportedly pulled Banks from Islamabad after he received death threats.

Although the story was picked up by many large media outlets around the world, including several US websites, Go Daddy only ordered the Pakistani site to take down the article.

"We inquired as to who could have made this complaint," said Gulpari Nazish Mehsud, a volunteer with PakNationalists. "The US company won’t give us a name, but it doesn’t take a genius to guess who is making the complaint."

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