"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

किसन बाबूराव हजारे : अन्ना हजारे


Gandhi’s legacy is his Thathy. Height – in the saddle as it is simple. Gandhi’s Khadi cap on head and body. Fat eye glasses, but they do look far. Steely and firm intentions are. Indo – Pak War, during which he also beat to death was given. All the members of his platoon were killed. Kisan Baburao Hazare is such a personality. Love the people they call Anna Hazare. They can also be called mini Gandhi.

Anna currently running campaign against corruption. He is angry. He threatened that the Lok Pal Bill was not on the lines of anti-corruption law of April 5, 2011 he will sit on hunger strike to death. Central government is currently moving their warnings. Five ministers before the Maharashtra government has taken sacrifice. The Prime Minister spoke to Anna about it. Assured, but Anna is Anna. Said that nothing was concrete so he will move to Delhi. Anna who is thought to date, it is done. He immersed in alcohol to its stony village Araleagan accomplishment by a model introduced to the world. Rmaraj if the vision can be seen it. The work from the Indian government awarded him the Padma Bhushan. Right to information, he played a key role in the fight.

Family life
Anna’s figure is crafted larger rough manner. Bhingr of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra on June 15, 1938 Born in the town of Anna’s childhood passed in much poverty. Fathers were laborers. Grandfather in the army. Bhiangnagr grandfather was in the posting. Well Anna’s ancestral village in Ahmednagar district Araleagan accomplishment was located. Grandfather’s death seven years later, Anna’s family came Araleagan. Anna’s six brothers. Alam of tightness in the family to see Aunt Anna were taking them to Mumbai. There he studied up to seventh. Seeing the burden of suffering on the family of the Dadar station, a flower seller outside the store began to work at a salary of 40 bucks. He then took the flowers opened their store with his two brothers also called Araleagan.

He joined the army around the sixth decade. His first posting was as a driver in Punjab. Here in Pakistan attack survivors tell he was beat to death. Meanwhile, New Delhi Railway Station, a booklet he Vivekananda call ‘The Youth for Tuy Nation purchased and after reading it, he has dedicated his life to society. He also read Gandhi and Vinoba. In 1970 he resolved to remain unmarried for life. Mumbai during his postings come Araleagan village – are accepted. Keep thinking to improve the village sitting on the rock.

J during the 15 years of posting on the Army in 1975 he took VRS in the village have come Ado. He changed the face of the village. He donated his land for children’s hostel. Today their pension money is spent in the development of the village. He lives in the village temple and living in hostels for children going to be eating to eat. Today, every person is self-sufficient village. Around – the choice here for neighboring villages, milk, etc. is. The village is a kind Rmaraj. Rmaraj in the village, he has set. Now that your team – with the force in the country Rmaraj set out to drive in: corruption-free India. Best wishes!


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