"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

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  1. No doubt if Players of Indian Cricket Team are really very brave and have shown their ability with intelligence in recently held Cricket Match at Mumbai. May be some of them are important but credit goes to everyone equally because every part of team is responsible for achieving this victory. Everyone laboriously worked very hard, nation can’t forget it.
    But other side of coin, it is very shameful that the Medal/Trophy awarded to Winner is either a fake Trophy or Certified Trophy (But not a genuine Trophy-Why?)
    Winning of this game was a matter of national reputation and not a matter of bureaucracy of Indian authorities (whether it is ICC, BCCI or Custom Deptt. of Indian Goernment)
    We everybody know that we all have been waiting for this Trophy, including Mr.Saching, who is waiting for this Trophy for the last 28 years and now he got the right time but the Trophy given to Mr.Sachin is not a genuine Trophy and it has been said that the Original Trophy has been held by Custom Deptt. for non-payment of Custom Duty either by ICC/BCCI. How a foolish and shameful question? The concerned authority don’t have the knowledge of matter of national reputation, in such a situation he must should have released the Original Trophy and the matter should have been settled by any other alternate solution rather than withheld the Trophy.
    One more thing is here that ICC/BCCI is not a poor organization. As regard the payment of Custom Duty, Sport authority/ICC/BCCI also should have paid the necessary amount because of national importance of Game at the same time and to have get released the Original Trophy. What is harm? This situation could be avoided if the action is taken at the right time.
    Concerned Ministry is also responsible for not taking a right decision at the right time otherwise this situation could have been avoided. Now it is a very shameful and insulting situation of the authority, with black spot for Indian mentality, strict action to be taken against whoever have been involved in the scandal/tragedy.
    I think Indian President and Prime Minister also personally should look in to the matter and should take a strict action against those are involved in this tragedy. There should be no excuse. All of them to be suspended immediately for ever, if the above tragedy as per ‘News’ is really true.
    All the authority- ICC/BCCI, Custom Deptt. are equally responsible and are liable for strict action including termination/suspension of service.


    April 4, 2011 at 5:40 PM

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