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Dvija Jee Blasts Indian Officials For Trying To Exploit OBL Death

Dvija Jee Blasts Indian Officials For Trying To Exploit OBL Death


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  1. Global situation of terrorism could have been controlled, if Indian suggestions about the role of Pakistan, should have considered and implemented by U.S.. , at least it wouldn’t have been out of control of U.S. or can say everything would have under the control of U.S., if terrorists training centers in Pakistan would have been damaged forcibly, I am sure this situation could have been avoided and unnecessary lakhs of human lives could have been saved from the terrorists.
    Now, there is still a time, first of all to stop all the finance/funding to Pakistan, all the leading Leaders of Terrorist’s Training Centers and their supporters, including Gen.Pervez Musharraf should must be behind the Bar/Jail till the situation is under control. Some selected areas i.e. Afghanistan, Pakistan, POK, nearby Kashmir must be under the surveillance of multinational army/U.N.O., may be necessary to attack some sensitive areas of Pakistan by U.S. to save nuclear-plants.

    May 9, 2011 at 6:17 PM

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