"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

Patit-paavan (A story from the life of Sri Sri Thakur)

A holy life story of Sri Sri Thakur: Patit-paavan.
By- Bijaya Ketan Sahu

This is a holy story of Sri Sri Thakur, when he was studing medicine (MBBS) at Kolkata in His very youth day.Sri Sri Thakur had a influence of charming personality to his teachers, friends and others’.Everybody was loving to him for his devotion to elders, simplicity, service attitude and knowing the supreme knowledge.On those days Sri Sri Thakur was staying with coolies near by Sealdah Railway station due to his ill economical condition. He had even no money to purchase the books.An old debtor of his father who had promised him to send ten ruppes for month was very irregular and gradually also it was stopped. He (Sri Sri Thakur)himself has told once to his devotees on later days (the time when Satsang had been already established):-
I was living with coolies of the coal depot… On daytime, I was washing the dirty cloths of coolies and also going to my educational institution. At night I read and slept under a lamp post by the road side. Due to my service for coolies, they used to give me some little amount of money and on that I could able to manage my daily expenditure some how.I managed to survive on Dal and Rice. If sometimes,I didn’t have enough money, to quench hunger, I would drink water in a roadside tap.on winter days, I was sleeping on the platform of Sealdah station with two newspapers, spreading one on ground and cover myself with another……..

This is a true story of our beloved lord on his youth days at Kolkata. But still, everybody was loving him and he was very famous due to his great personality,But some of his friends became jealous due to his great famous. They started to find out a way to make Sri Sri Thakur’s personality down. Oneday Sri Sri Thakur was going to a place named "Mashi Mitter Ghat" due to some personal reason.On the way, his those classmates (those were jealous to him) caught him and made him go with them for a walk. They took Sri Sri Thakur to a building through many unknown lanes. At that time, the outer door of that building was opened, they forced Sri Sri Thakur to enter inside the room by pushing him from back.They left alone to him there. That house was belonged to a fallen woman (prostitute). The woman stayed inside that house approched towards Sri Sri Thakur in a seductive smile. Sri Sri Thakur shivered and started by saying "Maa Oh Maa !" (Oh Mother), please save me. In a very sorrowful voice, he addressed that woman as mother again and again.Soon He went into trance and told her Maa ! I can’t bear to see this horrible form of yours’,. You are a mother, the ocean of affection and kindness, but what you have done to yourself? After saying these words He falled on ground unconsciously.Never that woman had heard the word "Mother", that someone had addressed her before. When Sri Sri Thakur returned to his normal state, he (Sri Sri Thakur) found that she (the fallen woman) was crying by holding Sri Sri Thakur’s holy feet and praying for salvation. Sri Sri Thakur soon came out of that room. After this incident She (the fallen woman) donated all her property to a philanthropic organization and left for Vrindavan (The holy land of Sri Krishna) on search of God. The fallen woman became purified by His holy kindness. That’s why Sri Sri Thakur is called as Patitapaaban (The savior of patitas, the fallen persons). Due to His holy blissful blessing the woman started her journey from fallen to Heaven.


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