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TATA INDICOM Internet Service(dsl) connection Billing Problem

Dear Sir/Madam, This is in reference with TATA INDICOM Internet Service(dsl) connection.My Account number is 978526875. I made a request for internet disconnection on 2011-04-30.The representative told me that it will be disconnected on 2011-05-07 as per the rules and the ethernet card will be collected within 1 month. On 2011-05-05 one of their representative Manish came to my place for disconnection but he offered me some other plans (changing plan from 512 kbps to 1mbps).I told him if you rectify the existing problem then I will think about it.Manish told me that I will send the engineer tomorrow and he will look for the same.The enginneer came on 2010-05-06 and he was not able to rectify the problem so I told him kindly disconnect the line.From 2011-05-07 the internet is already diconnected as whenever I try to connect a message of can't connect to host is displayed. On 2011-05-22 I called Manish that I want to go for the same connection again as my friend's connection(living in the same society) is working fine.He told me to send him the Account number so he can activate the same connection on monday(2011-05-23).On Moday he told me that connection is already active. The Problems are :: 1. Firstly these guys changed my plan from 512kbps to 1mbps without my permission (in which Manish is involved). When I talked to callcenter their executives told me that the plan is changed as told to them by Manish 2. My connection is already suspended from Network operation center(NOC) team but it is not closed by accounts department as told to me by their engineer and I confirmed it also by their Accounts department. Pesonal Details Name - Deepank Sethi Address - 2/608 Mhada Ekta Nagar,Kandivali west Mumbai Maharashtra - 400067 Mobile - +91-9923092949

2 responses

  1. Tata Indicom Internet is worst service provider in the world. You need to switch over to the other service provider.

    November 16, 2011 at 1:37 PM

  2. Dear sir / Madam

    I have a biling problem Account No 65782854

    bill No 1123811996

    Devendra Bapaerkar

    November 14, 2011 at 3:55 PM

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