"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

Indians need to think before supporting Janlokpal or jokepal?

Dear Brothers and sisters of India,

I want to say few words about Janlokpal.

As we know that Anna Hajare did hunger strike on Jantar Mantar in April 2011,
but ….
but …

what he get in return?

nothing bole to GHANTA haan …..

After so much NAUTANKI Anna and his team again decided to do hunget strike.
Why ???
Why not he is grabbing this chance to lead Indian morons and start a campaign to change it a mass movement. Why not they are forcing government to come on his foot?

Why every body are looking at Sonia?

If she is honest, then why Anna needs to go to the hunger strike again?

Now Anna is again going to do hunger strike in Delhi on 16 August 2011. Why everybody is looking at Sonia? is she ghost or something else? Why ? why everybody looking at other political leaders to bring Janlokpal in Anna’s dish?

Why I am unable to understand?

Why organising committee or other NGOs, Organizations blah blah are running a campaign to support Janlokpal and praying Sonia Gandhi to also support Janlokpal?


Why we forget Congress lead government did 2G scam (Estimated scammed amount is Rs. 173000,0000000, if we divide this amount into every Indian then each one will get around Rs. 1,42,97.52/-), Common wealth Game scam (73000,0000000 if we divide this amount into every Indian then each one will get around Rs. 6033.057) and to many more scams.

We need a mass movement like Indian freedom movement or a movement similar to anti Emergency movement.

My humble request to all Indians and all those people who want to bring Jonlokpal, need not to pray anyone even Sonia or someone. We need to stand unite and eliminate / erase those Government or political party who is not supporting JANLOKPAL.

Now choice is yours?
Anna supported Janlokpal or Mass-people supported Janlokpal.

True Indian.


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