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Congress misleads nation with baseless allegations against Anna.


Bulletin from the cause: Support Anna Hajare To Fight Against Corruption.

Posted By: Sumit Sancheti
To: Members in Support Anna Hajare To Fight Against Corruption.

Congress misleads nation with baseless allegations against Anna.

Cornered by growing support for Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption, Congress party in its desperation today touched a new low by raising absolutely baseless and unwarranted allegations against Anna Hazare. We strongly condemn this desperate act of the Congress who is trying to mislead the country.
Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari did not even check facts before making such false allegations on the basis of Sawant Commission. Anna himself had asked the then state govt to file a case against him on the basis of the allegations that came out after the Sawant commission report. Anna even went on an indefinite fast and demanded enquiry from the state govt, but no case has been filed till now. Anna Hazare dares the Government to file an FIR against him and send him to jail if he is found guilty. Anna asks the government to bring Jan Lokpal and book him under the same and he is willing to face the trial. In a clear attempt to mislead the people, Manish Tewari chose not to mention the Sukhthankar committee report which was formed to study and take action on the Sawant Commission report. The Sukhathankar committee had found all the allegations against Anna baseless.
Anna has now added one more demand to his indefinite fast, he wants the government to initiate an enquiry against him on the basis of Sawant Commission report.
Mr Tewari today again raised the question of funding of our movement, to which we would like to inform him that our website has all the details of the donations we receive. We now ask Mr Tewari and Mr Digvijay Singh to put details of all the donors and donations the Congress party has received, and expenditures of last five years in next 24 hours on their website. We had all asked all political parties to do the same four months back, but they haven’t done it yet.
It is clear that the Congress is resorting to vendetta politics seeing that it is losing ground in the fight against corruption. It was this Congress ruled government who honoured Anna Hazare with high civilian honours like Padmabhushan and Padmashri for his social services. If the government believes that Anna indulged in any act of corruption as per the findings of Sawant commission, then why the government never withdrew those honours.
HRD Minister Kapil Sibal also tried to mislead the country on the Supreme Court ruling on right to protest. The 1972 judgement says, “ the right to hold public meeting in a the right to hold public meeting in a public street is a fundamental right and r. 7, which gives an unguided discretion dependent on the subjective whim of the authority to grant or refuse permission to, hold such a meeting, cannot be held to be valid. Freedom of assembly is an essential element of a democratic system. The basic assumption in a democratic polity is that government shall be based on the consent of the governed. At the root of this concept lies the citizens right to meet face to face with others for the ,discussion of their ideas and problems, and public streets are the ‘natural’ places for expression of opinion and dissemination of ideas”.



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