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Getting unwanted calls , unwanted SMS and poor customer service of MTNL

Dear Helpdesk Team,

I Praful Kumar, a customer of MTNL since 2008. My mobile number is 99697342XX and I registered my mobile in DND list, but still I am getting unwanted calls from many telephonic marketing company and also getting many promotional sms everyday, that irritate me lot, because when I am busy with important work then that time I gets calls or sms.

Most of the calls I get from NGO for donation or ICICI/HDFC health insurance companies, Dr. Batras heir loss and few those companies who’s business depends on incoming calls because they are providing information on that basis like ask me.

As per the TRIA regulation I have the authority to choose my incoming calls and sms and bypass unwanted calls and sms. I doesn’t want any promotional call or sms on my number.

So please let me know MTNL is able to block these calls or I need to register a complain in TRAI against these companies, please guide me.

Also I have a complaint against MTNL customer care service,
I tried many time to register my complaint regarding unwanted calls and sms on 1503, 9869012345 but not a single time customer care executive picked my calls. MTNL needs to improve their service to sustain in competitive market.

I am also registering a formal complaint against these companies in TRAI as well as Consumer Court.
Hope to hear you soon.


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