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Invalid XTV Subscription

Hi Friends,
Now today I expose the worse service of Airtel Digital TV. I chooses Airtel only because it is Indian company and hoped its service would be good but after using 8-9 months I am really really frustrated.

I am Praful Kumar, my customerid is 3007081972, few days ago I changed my channel pack and after that I am not able to record any program. I called on 12150 and registered my complained also send a mail to Digitaltv on 29 th November 2011.

Today, 30th November 2011, I got three to four calls from Airtel but no one solved my problem they only forwarded me from one person to another person. After that I again called customer support on 12150 but the asshole (Sorry for the abusive language but I am really frustrated with that person’s behavior) because didn’t try to listing me.

Few days ago I was registered a complaint against bad picture quality (also send a mail with attached snapshot taken from subscribed channel) and you people closed that trac with out resolving it. when I register 2-3 times then your engineer visited and resolved.

Why you people are not taking action when someone is registering complain, every time we need to register our complain so many times with Airtel.

My Complaints are:

complaint ID: 33112/3/2011

I registered my complain yesterday but without resolving the issue they closed the service request.

WTF Airtel providing services to their customer? Really we need janlokpal to short out this type of problem..


One response

  1. और अब चांटा घोटाला!

    एक सूत्र के अनुसार हरविंदर सिंह ने पवार को चार चांटे मरने की कसम खाई थी लेकिन मारा सिर्फ एक! बाकी तीन कंहा गए ???
    चोरों के इस देश में हरविंदर सिंह ने तीन चांटे चुरा लिए या फिर न्यूज़ चनेल्स ने चुरा लिए अगले एक्स्क्लुसिवे खबर के लिए?

    सूत्र: इंडियन fake न्यूज़!

    November 30, 2011 at 7:46 PM

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