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Say No to Airtel

I am a Airtel user and using Airtel DTH/ Airtel Mobile / Airtel Broadband. I have issue with Airtel, I just shifted to the new flat and requested to install the DTH Appliance and I am following the same since 28 June 2012 but neither I receive any response from Airtel nor any call from customer Care/ Applet office/Nodal office.

My issue is listed below:

Issue 1:
Hi Sir/Madam,

I had just recharged my mobile number 9987339333 with FULL TALKTIME recharge of 200 but amount credited is only 175.
Requested you to please look into it.

Screen shot is attached for your reference where it is clearly shows that full amount will be credited in amount.

Issue 2:
I am Airtel prepaid customer my mobile number is 9987339333. My validity will expire on 13 August 2012 (As per validity showing on screen when typing *123#) I want to recharge it with Rs. 99 but not able to do so.

I am using this number since 2005 and don’t want to loose this number. So kindly let me know how can I recharge this number to increase the validity?

I am following since June 28th 2012.


One response

  1. Airtel is shit….

    July 23, 2012 at 4:12 PM

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