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MotherFu***s of Airtel

Hi Friends,

I am a Airtel DTH user, my customer id is 3007081972, I am following Airtel executive since 12 July 2012 to install the appliance but still it is not installed.

I registered various request in the Airtel DTH Customer Care but without installing DTH they closed my request. i send many emails stating that but still the result is cypher.

I called on these numbers
K. Rao : 022-40213261 17 times in between 16-27 July – So called applet officer.

9819600338- 45 times (Airtel Dabba install karnewala) Not picking the phone.
9699726717 – 14 times

9892049016 – 15 times.

I am fade up of Airtel customer handling process, also applet officers are impotent hence I don’t want to continue the service of Airtel DTH.
As per my conversation with CCE, I need immediate refund of money which is 5200 rs.

Or register a formal complaint against Airtel under section 1986 "The Consumer Protection Act, 1986". Its last warning from my side.

Praful Kumar


One response

  1. http://sharfarazbaari.blogspot.in/ i too should consider the consumer protection act

    September 28, 2012 at 1:01 AM

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