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Save the Hindu Woman Saint Sadhvi Prgya Thakur From the Indian Government

Save the Hindu Woman Saint Sadhvi Prgya Thakur From the Indian Government

I be leave that she can’t get justice in Indian judiciary. Indian judiciary is made to protect congress members only.

The Indian government is hell bent on destroying Hindus and their culture on their own land. Let’s inform the world community about this.

The Indian National Congress Party, Current ruling party in India

The revered Hindu saint Saadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur was only allowed up to 4 narcotics test. In spite of these orders the Indian government and ATS performed more than 17 tests on the poor soul.

Today half of the holy soul’s body has been paralyzed and has cancer due to the toxicity of these tests. She needs support to sit … let alone walk. The courts had ordered that the saint be provided free treatment in the government hospital… but the doctors at the hospital are threatened by the ATS… Sadhvi ji’s sister’s husband appealed to the court that they will gladly take care of her but the court rejected the appeal.

The state of the Hindus is indeed very sad in their own land…

Jai Shri Ram !

Sucheta Maheshwari

[Praful Kumar]

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