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Book a train ticket by sending SMS to IRCTC

Non-Internet Based Booking

Registered IRCTC users can now Book railway tickets by just sending two simple SMSes.

STEP 1: An sms to be sent to — (Number Coming soon) from your registered mobile (both at Bank
and IRCTC)

SMS Format to be used:
BOOK <TrainNo> <FromCity> <ToCity> <TravelDate(DDMM)> <Class> <Passenger1-
Name> <Age> <Gender> <Passenger2-Name> <Age> <Gender> (upto 6 passengers)

For example
BOOK 12011 NDLS CDG 1404 CC Rakesh 55 M Sarita 53 F

If the format sent is valid, you would receive a message from .The message would carry
the following unique parameters.
• Transaction ID
• Ticket Amount
• Service Charge
• Total Amount payable
• Seat Availability

For example:
TID: 2501368 Ticket Amount: 900 Service Charges: 20 Seat: AVAILABLE- 0228

STEP 2: On receipt of the above parameters, SMS to be sent for payment of the ticket.

PAY <Transaction ID as received> <IMPS is the mode of payment)> <Your MMID as
received from the bank> <OTP is your one time password received for this
transaction> <IRCTCUserID>

For Example:
PAY 2501368 IMPS 123456 7897 Rakesh

Message received on successful booking of the ticket

Congrates!! Your ticket booked successfully. PNR is: 2345678901 Ticket No:
:0672261674 Booking Status: Rakesh CONFIRM C1 76 WS Sarita CONFIRM C1 77 Ticket
Amt: 900 SC: 20 Src: New delhi Dst: Chandigarh Date of Journey: 14/04/2013 Sch Dep
07:40 hrs

Note 1: MMID generation is a single click process available with more than 26 Indian Banks
covering over 90% of the total banking subscriber base.The banks for the same are listed at
http://www.npci.org.in/bankmember.aspx “OTP” is a One Time Password generated and
provided by your respective bank.

Note 2:
1. Booking with Quota including (Tatkal) and Concessions are not available as of now.
2. Payment for the bookings can only be made through IMPS.


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