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Christians Are The Worst

Christians Are The Worst
Written by Keith’s


Do any other fellow born-again believers in this forum experience the same frustration as I do with sharing 911 truth and the Illuminati truth with other Christians? It is like they have a wall up and refuse to hear something they don’t want to hear. I pass out DVD’s all the time and have gotten tremendous response from the non-Christians but the Christians have violently rejected them. They give them back to me without viewing them. They don’t want to hear it. They act like children who put their hands over their ears and shout “I’m not listening, I’m not listening”.


Yes! I was at a Christian single’s meeting where they played a film called “Obsession” that went on and on and on about how the Islamic fanatics wanted to convert everyone to Islam and how they were going ot kill all the Jews and the Christians. Then one of them talked about how America need the Patriot Act and how good Puppet Bush was. And to add insult to injury, when somebody mentioned they saw a show where they talking about the 9/11 conspiracy theories. I mentioned the bombs going off in the WTC buildings and factions within the government helped assure that it would happen and they just blew it off.


You should play a copy of Alex Jones “Masters of Terror” and Dr. Stan Monteith’s “The Best Enemies Money Can Buy” and “Iraq: Road to World Government” which document perfectly how the Globalists funded, armed, and trained the Islamic terror groups to attack the West so they could play the role of the boogieman needed to scare us into giving up our liberties.
You should tell them how the U.S. Agency for International Development printed millions of textbooks for schools in Muslim countries inciting them to hate the infidel and fight and teaching them that martyrdom for Allah is a good thing. You should give them copies of Alex Jones “Terrorstorm”.


Fellow-believers in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Since 1980, I have had the same experience you speak of. Christians in America for the most part have been successfully brainwashed! I have been trying to get my fellow-Christians to see who the real enemy is for a long time, but they have a false patriotism, which blinds them from seeing “domestic” enemies that, for a long time, like a growing cancer, have been eating away from within. They only look for “foreign” enemies without.


I wonder if this may be part of the end times deception prophesied in Scripture.


I especially think they are decieved by the pre-tribulation rapture giving them a false sense of security thinking they will be whisked away before any trouble starts.


It’s because G. Bush claims to be Christian….of course, the antichrist will claim to be God. Definately has to do with what the Bible speaks about regarding people being deceived. that includes Christians….many of them.


That is because they do not heed Christ’s admonition “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”. If Christians would put down the cheer on the Republicans no matter what pom poms for a few minutes and examine President Bush’s actions, not his words, they would see clearly that he is a phony.
I think it is a pride issue also. They don’t want to swallow their pride and admit that their golden boy is a fraud and they are wrong to support him.


Most christians piss me off unless they hate the new world order. I don’t like being chastized for not being of a certain faith. That goes for all of them.


For those of you who are under 40 years of age can understand why you are so deceived. You who think Christians are deceived are yourselves deceived.
Most Christians know what is happening in the world, but we are just a bit more cautious about jumping on the fools band wagon! Many people go to church and call themselves Christians, anymore than standing in a garage all day make you a car! And going to church doesn’t make one a Christian nor are we perfect as so many secularist tend to think and demand. There are baby and adult Christians, and I am not talking about human age. Children are gullible and believe most of what they hear as long as it fits an image in their minds. When Eve told God in the Garden of Eden that she was deceived, what she meant was that she had knowledge to know that eating of the fruit would lead to death as told to her by her husband Adam, but instead of believing her husband she listened to and believed a stranger “The Serpent” over her husband’s words. This is ‘Deception”
Most mature Christians believe in a coming world government, but are apprehensive to except conspiracies that can’t be proven.
Both Democratic and Republican parties are corrupt and earthy. And by the way you should all know that President G.W Bush is not a conservative! He is a Liberal Republican and a Methodist. This should be noted to truly understand events concerning him.
True Christians are not to look at the worlds governments for truth but in Gods word. As a Christian I am aware of the worlds deceptions because I pray for wisdom and insight into prophesy. I have extensive knowledge in world history, especially the 19th and 20th century which explains much of what you see and hear.
And I can state this on my life that some of what is said by MR. Connor has truth? But be careful in swallowing the whole line and sinker. The real evil in the world to day is a two part evil. The first is “World Socialism” and the second is “Islam”
I will expound on these two in my next letter.
Only if asked!


What fools bandwagon are you talking about? Eat a fat aids dick and die. You piss me off christian methodist arseface. Under 40? Like the age of 40 you get some godlike epiphany.

Are you callin me a world socialist? those are fighting words.


hahahaha. lol. it’s ok, junebug….it’s ok.


Hi Jimmytee,

I don’t doubt for a second, that you have reverted back to the more primitive zionist practices of self – appointing yourself some sort of elder or learned status, in like manner to the Sadducees and Pharisees, who openly opposed Jesus with their legalistic interpretations. Any more than the children of Moses rejected their enlightened and progressive rule by judges in favor of an authoritarian king, prior to their early kingdom period.

Obviously this does not lend any credibility to your subjective prophetic interpretations. Plainly your argument is not reinforced by scripture, but in fact refuted by the living philosophy of Jesus.

I recommend you save your learned interpretation and increase your historical understanding. We are literate, here. And anyone so inclined can read and interpret their holy good book for themselves. (whatever sanctified text, their culture avails …) That’s the privileged consul of our Separation of Chruch and State.

at any rate, please limit your theology to Resistance | Religion & Philosophy out of respect and to remain ‘on’ topic …

1901 ASV | Matthew 18:3-5 wrote:

3: and said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye turn, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of heaven. 4: Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5: And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me:


1901 ASV | Mark 10:14-15 wrote:


14: But when Jesus saw it, he was moved with indignation, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me; forbid them not: for to such belongeth the kingdom of God. 15: Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall in no wise enter therein.


1901 ASV | Luke 18:16-17 wrote:


16: But Jesus called them unto him, saying, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for to such belongeth the kingdom of God. 17: Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall in no wise enter therein.


2006.12.28 | 22:25| Jimmytee wrote:

There are baby and adult Christians, and I am not talking about human age. Children are gullible and believe most of what they hear as long as it fits an image in their minds … Most mature Christians believe in a coming world government, but are apprehensive to except conspiracies that can’t be proven … Both Democratic and Republican parties are corrupt and earthy. And by the way you should all know that President G.W Bush is not a conservative! He is a Liberal Republican and a Methodist. This should be noted to truly understand events concerning him … I have extensive knowledge in world history, especially the 19th and 20th century which explains much of what you see and hear … I will expound on these two in my next letter. Only if asked!




at my church i’ve actually had a decent amount of success and i just gave the pastor a copy of order of death by alex jones. focus on the garden of eden….the elite believe satan is better than God and that God is a substandard God and satan had to come allong to help. some fool keeps posting on my myspace page some junk about how ‘militiant’ chritians are going against God’s will and that guns are bad. i keep pointing out that Jesus said to sell your clothes and guy a sword if you didn’t have one.


I get those people all the time. Most of them begin to see it my way. Others back off but are still think guns are bad. This guy is probably part of the rapture crowd or one of these psycho christians who think Jesus will magically protect them no matter what.


I have passed out “Loose Change”, “Road to Tyranny”, Evangelist David Wegener’s “The Day that Changed America Forever”, and a few other titles to the neo-cons at my church and they refuse to watch them. They are willfully blind. They don’t want to know the truth so they ignore the evidence and keep on believing the lie. It is easier to believe the lie that we are the “good guys” fighting the evil Muslims who threaten our way of life and that 911 occurred exactly as the mainstream news media portrayed it. To believe otherwise means they have to leave their comfort zone and face the truth that their own government is the real terrorist. It also means that they have to admit to their children that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes by their beloved “Christian”, “moral values” President Bush. And we know that will never happen.

I agree wholeheartedly with Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Pastor Butch Paugh, Dr. Stan Monteith of “Radio Liberty”, Jack McLamb of “Police and Military against the NWO, and David Bay of Cutting Edge Ministries who all unanimously agree that US evangelical Christians are the most GULLIBLE people on earth.


Backpacker, Hi, I’m a newbie here. I’m also an evangelical Christian, conservative to the core, republican (although I vote the issue, not the party), voted for GW, etc.

I was one of those who chose to be blinded, until recently. I wanted to believe GW because he professed Christianity. He was staunchly defending us after we were attacked by those evil muslims! Then, after the May Day march last spring, remember? a day without illegals? when the country managed just fine without them? …anyhow, I was furious that day after watching millions of illegal aliens march in my streets and demand rights they weren’t entitled to. I started researching, and researching more.

I discovered this invasion, and it is an invasion in every sense of the word, has been going on and well-planned for years. I discovered the SPP and the plans for the NAU. I found out that my esteemed leader called the Constitution “a G**d*** piece of paper” (not a Christian thing to do). I watched GW flip off the camera a couple of times (not a Christian thing to do). I started asking myself, “What’s the purpose of a war on terror when our borders are wide open, and GW is rolling out the welcome mat?” and “Why didn’t we Americans hear about the SPP agreement?” and “Why are they denying an NAU is in the works when it’s so obviously a priority?” I slowly came to realize…CORRUPTION! Also, you’ll know a Christian by the fruit he bears, and I saw no evidence of Christianity in Bush.

I then started researching more. Understand, a year ago, I frequented a political chat where I was only too happy to belittle the “left-wing loonies” who bashed our president and our gov’t. I refused to look at any site they posted, as they were nuts. I did remember though, one name came up more than once. Alex Jones. I had no idea what he was about, only that those crazies liked him and the “good guys” berated him. I went to youtube then to google video and searched his name. Lo and behold, dozens of films came up. I started watching, with an open mind. Alex Jones vids lead to John Conner and many others. Within a very short time, I was 110% convinced that our gov’t was complicit in 9/11. I was sickened by the Bohemian Grove vids. It’s all so sinister, and all so true. Bush is a pawn being told what to do, imo, for the promise of safety and prosperity for himself and his own.

It all makes total sense. I now can’t understand how any evangelical Christian could deny what is happening. The elitists are setting the stage for the anti-Christ by establishing NWO, just as prophecied. Most don’t know simply because it’s not on the 6 o’clock news.

Don’t give up! I would have never, ever believed in a million years that I would become one of those “tin foil hat” wearers. I’m thinking of starting an ebay business selling them now.


Oh yeah, I just ordered a bunch of blank dvd’s. I can’t wait to get them and start burning. I’m going to pass them out to everyone! If I can be converted to the light, anyone can.


Welcome to the club. Me I got into this conspiracy business by being entertained by John’s calls into neocon radio shows where they hung up on him because he wouldn’t stop talking about the Bohemian Grove. Then I found out about Alex Jones.


You guys are the bomb.


You guys are a great encouragement. Even though I am a born-again Christian myself I get frustrated with the fact that Christians are the absolute worst when it comes to not being willing to listen to the truth about the NWO. They are still caught up in the “Republicans are good and Democrats are evil” crock. In spite of the latest Republican gay and pedophile scandals they still won’t back down. At least people at work are listening. I am the senior technician at work and get a lot of respect out of the other techs. I have used this as a platform to get them to listen to me when I speak of 911 truth and the globalist agenda. Most of them have woken up and are taking more videos to give to their friends and relatives.

Frosty Woolbridge is an activist and authority on illegal immigration and how the globalists are encouraging and allowing it to happen as part of the globalist plan to bring down the US. The borders are being dissolved to create NAFTA, the #1 super nation under the control of the world govt.

The illegal immigration problem is being created by the globalists to create a pretext for demanding that Americans accept a national ID card. “See, we need a national ID so we can tell the true citizens from the illegals.”


These sites are run by Christians and are dedicated to exposing the truth about “Conservative Christian” Pres. Bush.




You can share them with people at your church. Hopefully you will have more success than I have had at mine. So far there are only three others who know the truth. The rest are in their dreamworld thinking they will be whisked away before any trouble starts…but in the meantime lets sit in the grandstands and cheer while our military makes plans to nuke and kill millions of Iranians. That is real Christ-Like.

I was woken up when other believers referred me to David Bay’s http://www.cuttingedge.org , a Christian site dedicated to exposing the truth about the NWO and 911, OKC, etc.


Since then I have found other solid Christian sites exposing 911 and the nwo.





I love you guys because I am now waking up my christian mother and her brother. Real christians. My other christian family not so lucky. But I get good christian stuff here.

When I finish the resistanc manifesto I’m giving it to moms. Thanks John for the free copy.


Thanks for posting the sites! I’ll definitely check them out. I’ve convinced my brother of the truth. He’s a a born-again Christian, but was already anti-Bush. We nearly came to blows during the 2004 election because I voted for Bush.

I’m still trying to convince my husband. It’s not that he’s pro-Bush anymore, because the illegal alien problem has shown him there’s a real problem with our prez, but I think he just doesn’t want to face up to the reality that our world is that sinister and we’re really in the last days.

I’m also slowly bringing around some folks at an anti-illegal site I’m a member at. It’s http://www.illegalimmigrantprotest.com. Everyone there has accepted for a long time that the NAU is the ultimate goal, but most don’t have a clue about the real truth. Globalists, Illuminati, and New World Order at the door. I’ve been pm’ing a few and enlightening them with good videos. It’s freaking them out as they’re realizing that the illegal problem is simply one leaf on the poison vine.


wow, I’m glad my fiance is anti-new world order. It’s a shame that race

I’m sure she’ll come around KY the evidence is there. It’s a shame everyone makes the immigrant debate so racial. I don’t like being accused a racist. I love my vato locos.


It’s good to know there are other Christians out there like me.

I’m going to get the Resistance Manifesto and also the books by David Ray Griffin. (Why isn’t John’s book at Amazon?) I just have to wait a bit because we had to have a new furnace, heat pump iand duct work installed right at Christmastime. Money’s tight at the moment.


racism seems to be the only argument the illegal aliens have. I don’t even let that bother me anymore. Illegal is not a race. I have the utmost respect for those that come here legally and want to assimilate. The ones who love America as much as I do. I love my country, but certainly not my government.


Another great book is “Rule By Secrecy” by Jim Marrs. I bought a copy from amazon but it can also be read online.



I respect the illegal ones too. That is what I would do.


Silence by any Church on 911 is a sign of deception. Silence about the New World Order is Luciferian. They are not hot or cold. There is nothing Christian about a pyramid on a Federal Reserve Note. A World Trade Center built and destroyed by this New World Order is the definition of a need to call full attention to 911. Christians must answer the call of truth and justice. This is a direct order by the spirit of God. The Constitution of an American Christian shall not sustain or secure the standard of Old Glory in silence and denial. The eye of Horus, is not the Son of God. To think that a Christian can carry a dollar in their right hand and think what they saw on 911 was not an inside job, defines the nature of this beastly deception. These people don’t even consider the Fez on a Shriners head, muchless the Pentagrams, Cresent Moons and junk on the Masons Cars. They do not consider the Stars and other symbols apposed to Christ, yet they just accept everything they are told by people that hold these signs and symbols in veiw of there eyes.


The reason I and likely other Christians reject it, is because to many it does not matter. I wouldn’t violently reject it, I would probably watch it, and likely pay money for it (or donate the suggested amount).

It doesn’t matter to me because the “New World Order” or one world government was prophecized in the Bible, the Books of Daniel and Revelations. It will come to pass. We are seeing it slowly form right now.
It’s good that the Non-Christians are viewing this because, if or when they get “Left Behind”, they still have a very last chance at salvation.

Christians will be taken from this Earth as the Holy Spirit leaves, so Christians will not experiance most of the New World Order/One World Government.


You still have to fight for you right to party. If you are going to join together with the band, you’ve got to go through hell before you get to heaven. Don’t let those big old jet airline’rs carry you too far away from the work of God. 911 is a gift of testimoney to be given and reveiled by us, for those that know not what they do. Will you stand before God in your silence justly? The crystal ship is being filled, not by fallen angels, but those who’s measure is worthy to sing. Silence from the church, is not a work worth mentioning. What shall your testimoney be, ”I tell you this man, no eternal reward will forgive us now for waisting the dawn” ? Can you hear the profane and still not find a measure of wheat? How shall God hear what is not sung as a new song. I will sing a new song. You too, shall repent by the blood of Christ, lest ye be luke warm…


All sounds a bit nutty doesn’t it like some bizzare religious crusade or something.
Regardless what religion or beliefs you have there is one common cause, evil people trying to destroy our planet I think that affects everyone don’t you?




I think that the movie “The Matrix” says it best. “One must not be told, one must only see, one must only experience, one must only feel.” These are the horrors that befall us.


[quote=”MaluMolosser”]I think that the movie “The Matrix” says it best. “One must not be told, one must only see, one must only experience, one must only feel.” These are the horrors that befall us.[/quote] That sounds just like something Lucifer would use to get Eve into bed. Put your clothes back on. That line is crap. Oh, I am sorry, you have accepted the New World Order matrix version for your own. Well, keep it up and the eye you see and feel by will fall off.


Religion is for weak minded fools.


[quote=”Wez”]Religion is for weak minded fools.[/quote] If you practice nothing, you are dead. Wez, you are not dead are you? What do you practice? You do not have to live by a Dogmachip standard, if that’s what you mean. You do have to know the Love of God in Christ. You do have to live by the Will of God in Christ. If you do not want to overcome death of the flesh, you can continue as you were. Your will is eternal, it does not require the flesh. The Word of God is the whole body of God and the fullness of eternal life… God is defined in Christ. You can live by your own standard if you choose but, when you die, you will not receive what God has provided in Christ… This is a reality that no one shall escape.


I have reading though this post and felt as if I could have been writing many of them. We 911 truth seeker Christians have a hard time convincing other Christians that their “Born Again” President is an evil man. BTW, just a side, being born again is something that Masons do also. I think, if you can get people to watch these truth films the reaction might be, so what, it is Scripture coming true. Where we might get these people is convincing them that by supporting Bush and the War on Terror under the context of lies then they are supporting the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Many, if they are in the Islamic religion will be headed to Hell.
I have to say though that the more I learn of our “Christian” leaders and how they support Bush, it really makes me wonder not about the Christian faith but about the brand that we see in the 21st century. A simple look at history reveals deception from Christian and mass killings in the name of God. I, from here on out will hold tight to my Christian faith and loose to strong truth claims from leaders…
On http://www.onenewsnow.com there is a recent article from Cal Thomas and he discusses the Islam religion, people are aloud to post replies and reading them, it amazes me how hateful and how uninformed these Christian are. Here is the link: http://www.onenewsnow.com/2007/07/cal_thomas_criticized_commende.php
I posted with the name Jeff, trying to convince these guys that they need to wake up.
I also have been trying to convince a person on a local talk radio station here in Detroit that 911 is not what the government tells us. This dude refuses to believe, he backs bush all the way. Foolish Christian, I wonder too if he is paid to support one side, he is from Salem Communications and says he is unapologetically conservative. Bush is a NeoCon, Ron Paul is a true Conservative. Any sorry for the rambling…..Keep up the faith.


Most of your fellow Christians also think Benny Hinn is a prophet from God instead of the pimp he really is. Their pastors fatten them up with the prosperity sermon instead of teaching them how to stand up against evil. Is it any surprise that they’re so dense?



from your comments, Most of your fellow, I take it you are not a Christian, I have to agree with you on that note. We are some of the most blind and stupid people out there. I am going to make it my mission to slap them in the face and wake up.


hey goats why don’t you move to somewhere a little more cozy such as iran. north korea is great place to visit this time of year.


You gonna buy the plane tickets?


OMG… i know! no one seems to ge that whether they like it or not, this is going to effect the entire planet. and it snot just main stream christians, everyone does that… accept catholics, for sum reason


Oh come on… everybody knows that surfing is the only true religion..


As a Christian I have been awake for a long time. When I became a Christian I began to read a lot about Church history and the bible. These two things really helped me to see what was going on. However, prophecy and knowing who the major players are opened my eyes even more. Concerning prophecy I am historicist and although I am a minority as far as prophetic interpretation, this interpretation above all other IMOP is the best to wake people up to what is going on. For instance, many historicist believe that the Lamb Like beast of Revelation of 13 is the United States. This has nothing to do with patriotism but with the idea that the forces within the U.S. are working to corrupt it and destroy our freedoms. Once I began to understand that the goal of our leaders is to enslave us, by the destruction of the constitution, and help their preaching puppets gain civil/religious control, it was much easier 9/11 for what it was– event to coerce American to go along with their government to eviscerate the constitution and turn this once great nation into a third world totalitarian regime.

Of course carefully studying history helps too.

I think the problem that many of us have–and I do too–to wake up Christians is that many of them prefer to be mystics. They want to chant that “Jesus is Love” all day while being content to have rudimentary understanding of the scriptures. We do not have Christian like we did long ago who read volumes of history and memorized the bible. Instead we have degenerate race of “believers” who are big on dogma and short on wisdom.

Not to mention that many Christian live no different from non-believers the days of true-Godlieness are over. Christians will cuss, drink, fornicate, and hate like anyone else but believe that they are covered by a thin veneer of salvation, known as cheap grace.

Gone are the days where Christians resisted tyranny, gone are the days where Christians improved society–like fighting slavery, doing away with child exploitation, and providing solid education, and gone are the days where Christians read their bible and threw out ignorant and incompetent pastors who merely manipulate their churches with sappy stores and motivational speeches.

What we have today are sheep who think that they are saved and are unwilling to search the bible or anything else to find out otherwise.

So I resonate with your frustration, while at the same time I firmly believe that if Christians really read the bible and lived it, more would be awake o what is going on.



Yes… it is an unfortunate reality that the majority of Christians are ignorant to learning about these secret societies, like Skull and Bones, and the Illuminati. And that they are also ignorant to learning about the 9/11 conspiracy theories. But if they were able to be open minded about it for once, then they might find relevance to sciptures in the Bible. To be more specific prophecy actually. Things that need to come into recognition before we are all too far into the hole that these elites are digging for their one world dictatorship. They wont let go of their shovels, so let’s let go of them. And 9/11, I believe is one of the first steps into forming their one world government. And as Christians, we should KNOW that this is NOT good. It’s in the Bible, it’s God’s word! I believe this darkness should be able to fall easier by the strength of us all. This string of government is not normal, it uses tactics like “vote fraud”, I don’t even think this government can or should be faced in a normal, and the usual manner that governments are faced. Although it’s only the beggining, it (this evil empire) wont stumble easy. Isn’t it obvious? I mean, the majority of people don’t even think it’s worth the time to fight for something like this. There’s things that they’re (“they” as in the elite) are doing behind the scenes. And I’m sure people aren’t even aware about them yet (not just Christians). Understanding the anatomy of the New World Order, I know, by experience of study, is not easy to comprehend by the human mind, and can’t be fully understand within minutes. I think hardly within hours even.

In conclusion, if we have no hope in doing it… lets hope that God would make them see that they need to listen, and understand our voices.

4 responses


    November 12, 2012 at 3:13 PM

  2. thx for saying it. madarchod christians. kill them.

    June 11, 2012 at 10:43 PM

  3. Someone who uses their "god-given" brain

    i completely agree christians are the worst. so are muslims, jew, hindus and all the other religions. there is no such thing as God. no gods, half-gods or angels. no heaven, no hell. And if im wrong, let God strike you all down. You people waste your time on this earth worshiping an invisible man, all in the desperate hope that you can have a good life after you die. how about stop wasting your time in the only life you do get, and have fun in this life. by all means, keep some religious values, such as treating people kindly, being generous and caring; as these are good lessons. but dont waste your little time on false hopes, based on a deep seated need to believe. use your brain and realise that there is no God, just as you dont believe in zeus or hades, people wont believe in God in a few hundred years either. oh, also grow the fuck up, the illuminati havent been active in years, the conspiracy theories are mostly all bullshit anyway

    October 6, 2011 at 4:29 AM

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