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Maa Kali

Durga Rupa Sadhvi Purnachetnagiri

Pragnya Singh Thakur, known as Sadhvi Purnachetnagiri has taken ‘Sanyas’ in January 2007 and reportedly formed a group of fundamentalists to avenge the bomb blasts conducted by Islamic terror groups.

Sadhvi Pragnya had joined ABVP in 1993. However, she later became a fierce leader, advocating Hindu Nationalism. Sadhvi Pragnya was the head of Madhya Pradesh ABVP Unit in 2002. She was seen campaigning for the BJP in Gujarat in 2002 and 2007 elections. Pragnya also shared the stage with Gujarat CM Narendra Modi during an election campaign. She denounced the material life and took ‘Sanyas’ in January 2007. The BJP, Bajrang Dal and ABVP now deny any link with Pragnya for a long time.

According to sources, Pragnya was a fighter since her childhood. If we believe her father, who gave an interview to Star News TV Channel, Pragnya always fought injustice and never tolerated anti-social activities. According to her father Chandrapal Singh, Pragnya and her sister once beat up a group of goons from Congress party when they dared to take on the sisters. Pragnya and her sister reportedly beat up those goons to such an extent that they begged for mercy before these strong girls.

Sadhvi Pragnya has been a tomboy since her childhood. She dressed up like boys, kept short hairs, learned fighting skills and had a great passion for bikes. She can ride any bike including Pulsar, Bullet etc. etc. She founded the Jai Vande Mataram Jan Kalyan Samiti in 2002. Pragnya’s accomplices Shivnarayan Gopalsingh Kalsangra (36) and Shyam Sabarlal Sahu (42), who were arrested by the Mumbai ATS, were part of her network. Her speeches were fiery and full of hatred against the Islamic terrorists.

The Mumbai Police believe that Pragnya had a mission of carrying out bomb blasts across the country to avenge the bomb blasts conducted by Islamic terror groups. She had hatred in her mind and followed religious fanaticism. Although she was a former member of ABVP and Hindu Jagran Manch, she had formed her own network and pursued the mission secretly. It’s surprising that she chose her own bike to carry out the blast.

According to Mumbai ATS, two Army officers detained in Pune, helped her to bring RDX from Kanpur. More arrests are likely in this case, as the ATS has reached Bhopal to proceed with their probe. The ATS sources claim that they have a 400 minutes tape between Sadhvi Pragnya and her associates. The tape was compiled after analyzing Pragnya’s mobile call details. More skeletons will tumble, as the probe progresses.

Meanwhile, BJP and ABVP have distanced themselves from Sadhvi Pragnya, saying she was a former member of ABVP and had no recent links with the organization. However, Sadhvi Uma Bharti and Sadhvi Ritambara have come out in support of Sadhvi Pragnya and termed the latest development as a pre-planned conspiracy to frame Hindu groups. Hundreds of people took out a procession in Jabalpur in support of Sadhvi Pragnya. They burnt the effigy of Maharashtra government for allegedly framing Sadhvi Pragnya.


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  1. The father of Sadhvi Pragna Singh, who was arrested for alleged involvement in Malegaon blasts, today said he does not believe her daughter would be involved in such a crime.

    “She is a very sensitive person and cannot bear injustice. I cannot believe that she is involved in any such thing,” Chandrapal Singh said at his house in Punagam area of the city.

    “Since childhood, she had inclination for spiritual side of life. She became a Sadhvi two years ago and the family has lost contact with her since then,” Singh, who migrated to Surat six years ago from Gwailor in Madhya Pradesh, said.

    “If the justice system in India is not guided by political considerations, then there is hope for her getting justice,” Singh said.
    Singh, who is an ayurveda practitioner, said she is associated with an organisation called ‘Jai Vande Matram’ and used to travel to different parts of the country.
    “Her name after she became a monk was Sadhvi Purnachetnagiri (36),” he said.

    October 27, 2008 at 7:44 AM

  2. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) today warned that political parties trying to brand Hindu samaj as “Hindu terrorists” in the wake of disclosures about the alleged role of Pragnya Singh Thakur alias Sadhvi Purnachetnagiri in the Malegaon and Modesa bomb blasts would have to pay a heavy price for their utterances in the coming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections….

    October 27, 2008 at 7:41 AM

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