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No more Jaipurs

Dear friends across India,


A young man in Jaipur watched while his wife and baby daughter died on the road, and nobody stopped to help. This must never happen again! Let’s push the government to move fast on the nationwide “good samaritan hotline” so that anybody, anywhere in India can get help to save lives. Sign the petition:

Sign the petition

A desperate Jaipur man watched while his wife and daughter lay dying on the road, but no one stopped to help. We can help make sure this never happens again.

Our government is working on a life-saving good samaritan hotline so any of us can call and get victims immediate medical help. But it’s moving at a snail’s pace. If thousands of us tell the Home Ministry to kick this into high gear right now, and make Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde feel personally responsible to make it happen, we could save thousands of lives.

When over 50,000 of us sign, we’ll deliver a massive red hotline telephone with all our names on it right to the Home Ministry’s doorstep, showing him that the whole country demands No More Jaipurs. Sign now and share with all of your friends and family:


Every hour, all across India, 15 people die in road accidents