"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid." – Albert Einstein

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Spur of the moment

Years will come and go but my Perpetual Greeting will not change till my Country change for better.

Originally composed in year 2002 December with first stanza as:

New Year 2003
Let us welcome the New Year – Two Thousand and Three,
And strive to be Physically, Mentally, Economically; Really Free.

New Year 2009
Let us welcome the New Year – Two Thousand and Nine,
Get United, be Nationalist and with Head held high on Erect Spine.

New Year 2010
Let us welcome the New Year Two Thousand and Ten
They say India is going to be Great, but don’t tell How and When.
What others say doesn’t matter as its we who have to leave Procrastination
Its we who have to embibe Glorious Thoughts followed by our Action
And strive to make our Motherland Bharat – the Center of Attraction.

Freedom of Body, Mind and Soul – should be our Life’s Cherished Goal,
But “Freedom is Responsibility” – which must be understood by all.

“More the Freedom – More the Responsibility” ; unwritten Law of Civilized Society,
Freedom to do as one pleases, is sure prescription for our own “Man-Made-Calamity”.
Purpose of this message :

My Best Intentions are to shake and hurt hard – every “Sleeper” Indian’s feeling,
Though I am showing only a Mirror – many are squirming; and many not be willing.

List is very Long – but some “Samples” are taken at random,
I am trying to be brief – because Brevity is Soul of Wisdom.
Our Future Prospects :

Arise and Awake, O My Countrymen – and Please “Do Not Pretend”,
For this is our own “Final Funeral” – and “We only have to Attend”.

Burn Negative Traits and come out of the fire – as Pure as Gold,
To Regain our Lost Conscience – which cannot be shaken or sold.

Must infuse your subconscious – with 40% Hosh+40% Josh+20% Aakrosh,
Right Sense is Hosh, Pro-Active Enthusiasm is Josh and Anger is Aakrosh.

Beautiful and bountiful is my Country – Nature has bestowed all hues of Green colour,
Those obsessed with colour Green – must protect this Country and give due Honour.

Beware; great Resistance will be offered – from forces Anti-National in Disguise,
Breaking facade, Snatching their masks – must march ahead all you young and wise.

First; stop the Deliberate Wastage – of our Time, Energy, Money and Resources,
Prosperity will follow suit – and soon we will become one of the formidable forces.

Conquering Deliberate Wastage will open floodgates – of opportunities for masses,
Every mind and hand will be engaged in work – and that will end conflict of classes.

Let Ignorance, which begets Fear – be the thing of past,
And strive to make this Dawn of Wisdom – forever to last.

Our Collective Energies will direct us – as an Un-diffused Beam,
Let’s work to actualize all aspects – of this Very Basic Theme.

Lest you forget – “This Message is Not Free, at all” ; let me say,
Costliest thing is Undivided Attention – which you will have to pay.

On payment of Undivided Attention – this Message will be your property,
Circulate by all means, as many times, to intellectuals only – you are at liberty.

If you have awaken – now it’s your moral duty to wake-up the other,
Understand; it’s not one man’s show – we all have to work together.

I am not asking for any favour – and surely neither you are doing me any,
Movement needs Co-operation – Country will remember you for years many.

Anand G.Sharma
Mumbai / Date : 21.12.2009