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Death is a Curable disease!

” I feel most of the deaths are curable. At least in respect of those
deaths where organs are not damaged. In such cases, deaths are curable
for instance, death by hearth failure, drowning in the water and cholera
etc. Life can be revived by induction of the energy. Though I have never
tried yet I think, life can possibly be revived in such cases Western
scholars are still preoccupied with this research. I have not done any
experiment on this as such. But I have seen such incidents. Long long
back without any intention of reviving, I have steadily gazed at the
object and at the same time kept on repeating the Holy Name within
myself. It has worked wonder.

Once I saw a dead cockroach. I looked at it for about fifteen minutes. I
was very much shocked. Then I started repeating the Holy Name intensely
and incessantly. When my nerves became sensitive and receptive, then I
gazed at the cockroach – within half an hour only it woke up and
walked away.

Another incident: It was a case of a Beetle with half of its body
already eaten away. I gazed at it. In less than one hour, its body
started shaking, remained in that state for sometime then stopped. Might
be due to other reasons too which I did not know. But I feel it is the
action of the Holy Name. Because before I did so, I had confirmed that
it was dead.

– Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra ji