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Shutdown commands

List of ShutDown command For Windows.

Cancel The Shut DownYou can cancel a shut down that is in progess with the following line. This line cannot be run through the network! You have to walk to each machine and run the command either from the command prompt or the Run dialog, or Windows Key+R:
Shutdown -a

Shutdown the computerSyntax

SHUTDOWN [logoff_option] [/m \\Computer] [options]


/i           Display the GUI (must be the first option)

/l           Log off. This cannot be used with /m or /d option

/s          Shutdown

/r          Shutdown and Restart

/a         Abort a system shutdown. (only during the time-out period)

/p         Turn off the local computer with no time-out or warning (only with /d)

/h         Hibernate the local computer (only with /f )

/e         Document the reason for an unexpected shutdown of a computer


/m \\Computer : A remote computer to shutdown./t:xxx : Time until system shutdown in seconds.

The valid range is xxx=0-600 seconds. [default=30]

/c “Msg” : An optional shutdown message [Max 127 chars]

/f : Force running applications to close.

This will not prompt for File-Save in any open applications.

so will result in a loss of all unsaved data!!!

/d      u:xx:yy :       List a USER reason code for the shutdown.

/d      P:xx:yy :       List a PLANNED reason code for the shutdown.

xx                         Specifies the major reason code (0-255)

yy                          Specifies the minor reason code (0-65536)

Options in bold are for Windows 2003 only


To create a desktop shortcut that will immediately shutdown your system – set the shortcut Target Properties to:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s

When using this command to reboot a server, the shutdown process will normally allow about 30 seconds to ensure each running service has time to stop. The shutdown can be made faster if all the services are first halted using NET STOP


net stop “Microsoft Exchange Internet Mail Service”

net stop “Microsoft FTP Service”

net stop “Some other Service”

SHUTDOWN /t:25 /r

Typical Reason codes:

E = Expected

U = Unexpected

P = planned (C = customer defined)

Type         Major              Minor          Title

U              0                    0                Other (Unplanned)

E              0                    0                 Other (Unplanned)

E P           0                    0                 Other (Planned)

U             0                    5                 Other Failure: System Unresponsive

E              1                   1                 Hardware: Maintenance (Unplanned)

E P           1                   1                 Hardware: Maintenance (Planned)

E              1                   2                 Hardware: Installation (Unplanned)

E P           1                   2                 Hardware: Installation (Planned)

P              2                   3                 Operating System: Upgrade (Planned)

E              2                   4                 Operating System: Reconfiguration (Unplanned)

E P           2                   4                  Operating System: Reconfiguration (Planned)

P             2                   16                Operating System: Service pack (Planned)

2                   17                Operating System: Hot fix (Unplanned)

P             2                   17                Operating System: Hot fix (Planned)

2                  18                 Operating System: Security fix (Unplanned)

P             2                  18                 Operating System: Security fix (Planned)

E             4                  1                   Application: Maintenance (Unplanned)

E P          4                  1                   Application: Maintenance (Planned)

E P          4                  2                   Application: Installation (Planned)

E             4                 5                   Application: Unresponsive

E             4                 6                   Application: Unstable

U            5                 15                 System Failure: Stop error

E            5                 19                 Security issue

U           5                  19                 Security issue

E P         5                 19                  Security issue

E           5                 20                   Loss of network connectivity (Unplanned)

U           6                 11                  Power Failure: Cord Unplugged

U           6                 12                  Power Failure: Environment

P           7                 0                   Legacy API shutdown

e.g. SHUTDOWN /r /d P:2:17


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