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A open letter to The Prime Minister of India

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh Ji,

The Prime Minister of India

I Praful Kumar, really really frustrated with the current government policy and I feel that my taxed amount is not used in right place, so I don’t want to pay tax in near future.

Kindly issue a order to your office (PMO) or any senior IT officer to contact me on 9987339333 or prafulkr for further process, so I would exempted from tax payee because the current government lost their creditably.

I don’t want to pay my taxes to the most corrupt and helpless government which was involved in 2G scam, Commonwealth games, MPs sale purchase etc.

I want to use my taxable amount as per my wish and only for those who really need this.

You can also make a committee to keep eye on me so I can use taxed amount in right place. But please please don’t pressurize me to pay tax to government.

I wish I could file a PIL for the same and looking for help.
Hope to hear you soon.

Thanks and Regards